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Wu Tao InstructorsUlla McAllister is!

Ulla was the first ever person I trained to teach Wu Tao way back in 2002 and she’s leaving Perth!  I could not have created Wu Tao without her.  She has encouraged, supported and held my hand and that of all her students too. We have all been blessed by her presence in our lives.

It was an auspicious day when I first met Ulla at one of my first ever Wu Tao classes.  She had rung me, very excited to join straight away. I said she would have to wait till the next group which didn’t go down all that well, but she turned up a month later and it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship for us!

I remember seeing her and thinking  – that girl would make a great teacher of Wu Tao! – Ulla is absolutely gorgeous and a great dancer.  It felt like she’d been in class forever. As Wu Tao flourished rather quickly, I soon found myself wishing I had someone to help me teach.  Ulla was this person.

We set up an apprenticeship training where she could learn everything quickly, coming to all my classes and picking up the dances on the spot.  It was all very new and exciting!  Then came the planning. We decided that Subiaco would be a good place to start a class. I remember the day we got together and went and looked at venues, and booked a space.

We were full of enthusiasm and energy, fully believing and trusting in the amazing process of teaching Wu Tao.  Ulla took to teaching like a duck to water! She very quickly grew her class groups to 6, teaching in Subiaco, Kardinya and Beaconsfield. All her classes are still going strong 12 years later.  Now that is an achievement!

It takes dedication, hard work and passion to run a business, and Ulla made Wu Tao her business, yet it is so much more that that! Ulla has created communities of like minded people, who dance, transform and journey together. These communities are vibrant, joy-filled, healthy groups of wonderful individuals sharing and dancing together.

Every week, Ulla holds the space for her students to heal through Wu Tao.  Her personal commitment to her students entails her supporting them in many other ways outside class.  She offers private individual healing consultations, dietary advice and of course weekly coffee sessions!

She has been a lifeline for many including myself. She helped create the Tao and Surrender dances with me.  The Surrender process was particularly memorable. We spent a day together creating the dance to the music (after 3 years of incubation time).  As soon as we choreographed the final step, we fell on the floor crying and laughing with joy as it truly felt like a birth! Working with Ulla is a magical and very joyful process!

Next week, Ulla is heading out of Perth and moving east with her husband. Ulla, we will miss your awesome energy and beautiful presence Our love and gratitude go with you.  Have a wonderful time and we look forward to hearing all your travel stories soon! I love you. Michelle

We Love you Ulla!

(Photos of Ulla’s going away pincic with students and fellow teachers!)


Ulla has been an incredible dance teacher of WuTao for many years now. She is talented, precise and her methods are encouraging, empowering and skilled. She has held our group of such diverse personalities happily together for many years, always welcoming and friendly to us all and any newcomers. I shall miss her bright personality so very much, whilst wishing her the very best in her future adventures. Personally the dance has helped me in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually and eased me through a tough time in my life. I can never thank her enough for her caring attitude and beautiful unique Wutao dance.  Love Marianne


I have loved being in Ulla’s classes over the last 5 years  Ulla,ever since I met you I knew that I had come to the right place at just the right time. Your wonderful classes have been such an inspiration for my ongoing journey of self discovery. Your joy and enthusiasm have encouraged healing, self confidence and much inner transformation. Your warm ,loving and respectful nature I hold dear to my heart. I will never forget you, beautiful lady. May existence shower on you and may your journey be full of love and laugher.  I will miss you, but we dance on…… Prabhuta

Had the best times dancing with you Ulla. Hope you will keep sharing the dance with others wherever you go.  Lisa


Ulla has brought so much beauty, love, wisdom and a lot more to my life through the dancing but also just because of the beautiful person she is. I will miss her heaps but at the same time I am excited for her to be on a new adventure in life. Everyone who gets to meet and dance with Ulla will be blessed forever. I love you Ulla.  A big hug. Isa