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Are you ready to Surrender to Love?

Watch the video below and let the truth sink in….

According to many spiritual traditions we have now entered a cycle of rejuvenation and peace. These are the times we have been waiting for! We have come to a point where we can choose to consciously remember who we are and live from this awareness.

I’m thrilled to be sharing the journey with each and every one of you as we remember who we REALLY are. Our challenge now is to live from our hearts and not be enticed by the old paradigm of separation and fear. Every moment presents a new opportunity to say “yes” to Life, Love and Joy; the only reality that is truly ours.

A powerful affirmation:

“Love is All and I willingly surrender to it”

Our gift to the world today is to remember that Love is truth, and surrender to the voice of Love within every moment we can.  This is the real process of awakening.

We need help to remember sometimes and Wu Tao is such a beautiful vehicle to do this.  One of my favourite practices, and truly the heart of Wu Tao is that of receiving everything that is offered to us from Life with gratitude and non-resistance.

Reflect on this: 

Whatever appears in your world including every person you meet and every experience you encounter, you have asked for! Nothing in your experience of reality is accidental. Everything, absolutely everything is there (if you choose it) for your healing and evolvement.  Of course, you can choose not to see it like this but the risk is, you may end up feeling like the victim in your experience.

It’s much more fun, empowering and creative when you choose to say “yes” and “thank you” to whatever appears on your path.  Life (Love, Spirit whatever you call it) will never let you down, just as the earth is always beneath your feet. Life energy is always available to you. Gratitude will help you to receive, integrate and heal, so that you can come home to your SELF.

Much love to you x x  x