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What does balance through Wu Tao look like?

In this modern life, with competing demands, finding balance is essential.

Balance is a key component of Wu Tao, and one we talk about often.

But what does balance actually mean?  

Knowing when you are unbalanced is intuitive.

It could be, the  sense that something just doesn’t feel quite right. Or that internal restlessness where you’re  unable to centre and find peace.

It may be a nagging voice you can’t ignore, the feeling  you need to make a change but perhaps you are lost when it comes to what that change is.

A balanced life may look different for each person but the principles are the same. Balance is a sense of flow and ease. It’s a sense of personal strength and flexibility.

How can you work towards balance when you aren’t certain what it is you are working towards?

Here is how you can experience balance through the teaching of Wu Tao.

The ability to flow with life as it manifests.

The never-ending change and growth that makes life a bright wonder is also the thing that makes it challenging. Change can leave us shaken and unsteady. Wu Tao is a ground practice designed to help  let go of the things you cannot control and you embrace change in all the gifts it brings

Increased energy levels, as blocked energy is freed up in the body.

When we are emotionally blocked we are holding onto things that deplete us rather than energise us.

Wu Tao helps you balance your  Qi to let your life energy flow freely. When your Qi is flowing, you feel an inner strength that allows you to  release what’s holding you back.

Greater trust in Life and in your own process.

Doubt and uncertainty blocks us from embracing life and going after the things that bring us joy. Embracing and accepting who you are and what you believe in is allowing yourself to grow.

A Wu Tao helps you trust t the decisions you are making for yourself, are the right ones.

An ability to move through difficult situations with greater awareness and less resistance

There are times in our life where we resist change.In this resistance we are blocked and unable to move forward.

Balance is having healthy and natural ways to make your way through the more difficult moments in life. Wu Tao helps you  find a way to move forward while respecting your emotional needs by tuning into your body.

A sense of inner peace.

Let the turmoil fade to the past and allow yourself to be at peace.

A practice Wu Tao practices cares for your mind, body and soul. When we are taking care of ourselves fully, we can start finding peace when we need it the most.

Increased physical well-being

Taking care of our body fills us with energy and positive emotions. Every part of us is connected and you body deserves to be nourished in a loving way. Our gentle movements mean that people who are not as able bodied, who have chronic pain for example, are able to exercise in a way that is caring to the body.

If you are searching for a way to bring balance and peace in your life come to one of our classes and start the healing process. We welcome all.