Perfecting Your Offering

This week I want to support you in making a stronger call to action at your intro workshops

Being great at registering new students to your class takes practice.

Here is an outline with sample language to start with for this portion of the intro: Have a read through, then get a pen and mark through and revise the wording so that it resonates with you. Use the attached document here and at the end of this page, to print out and use for your revision.


Transition time. Prompt: “Have you found these practices helpful?”

(Wait a couple seconds for response.)

“Close your eyes and take a moment to think about what would have been different if you’d had been doing these practices a year ago? (PAUSE) Would you be more flexible? Felt more peaceful? Been able to do more of what you want to do because you have better energy?

“Now look forward to a year from now. What would be different if you practiced this consistently? (PAUSE) How would this affect your life, your health, your relationships? (PAUSE)”

“Open your eyes.”

“Maintaining health and inner peace requires some practice. For those of you who see the benefit of wu tao, I have put together a (insert name of offer/class series etc.). I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the opportunity of you joining me and other women in this. Would that be okay?”

(Always ask for permission to share your offer).

Your offer gives them more ways to get results. Breathe. This offer is a service for them.

The Offer Includes:

– Pain and problems that this offer solves

– Tangible Results they can expect

– Your event date and times

– Price Comparison: First share the regular investment and then their special price for attending the intro. Share any other comparison on value that you have.

– Hand out Order Forms

– The discount is only valid for that day, and share why you are offering this incentive.

For example: “I’m giving you this incentive to invest in yourself tonight because I know when you walk out that door, it’ll be easy to forget about what happened tonight when life, family, and work begins pulling at you from a hundred directions again. Women forget about themselves and then kick themselves later for not taking action when they wanted to. I’ve done it myself many times. I don’t want that to happen to you”.

(Don’t take questions during this time, it flattens the energy.)

Take a breath…..

Describe the kind of woman you are looking to work with a few qualities. “I’m looking to work with women who have been doing their personal and spiritual growth work for quite a while and are ready and motivated to make changes in their own lives and in the lives of those they care about—personally and professionally.” (Example, you can use your own qualities you are looking for) Or, Say your last sentence. Make it short and to the point. It can be something like “I’d love to share more of this valuable work with you.” Then, begin the rally energy.

The Close of your Offer.

“You’re the next generation of women making massive positive change in a world that desperately needs it.  You need to be in excellent health and have peace of mind to be on purpose and in the flow.  If you want to (insert urgent wants) join me in this (class series) Complete the form and then come see me at the back of the room. If you have any questions I’ll be at the back of the room. Thank you all so much for coming tonight and going so deep and doing such a great job!”

(Big smile and you can even begin to clap for them, as they did a great job!)

Stand for a moment and receive applause if they give it.

Say, “Thank you. Come meet me at the back of the room and let’s continue the journey together.”

If people raise their hands, remind them to come see you at the back of the room with their questions.

The close usually only takes 1-2 minutes.