A life transforming dance event that gives you the tools 
to live your life in balance, flow and  joy!

Sydney – Saturday 18th October 1 – 5pm
Melbourne – Saturday 25th October 1 – 5pm

Are you caught up in the ‘mundane’ aspects of your life? Would you like your soul to be in charge of your decisions and actions in the world instead of your busy, worried, anxious little self? 

You see, Purpose is not about knowing what you are going to be doing every minute, nor is it about ambitiously working towards one glamourous goal in the future.  Purpose is about knowing WHO YOU ARE and allowing that to permeate your world, day by day, moment to moment.

We are not the little self but something far greater.

We have a spiritual core, and it’s this Self we need to reconnect with! This is the part of us that is always in peace, flow, love and abundance, connected to the whole and never separated from Source.  When we live from our essential nature, our life becomes a radiant gift to the world no matter what we are doing AND we get to feel joyful, energised and deeply peaceful!

In the Dance into Purpose Workshop, we will explore the paradigms of love and fear and find out which energy is driving our thoughts and actions. We will use the tools of Wu Tao Dance, breathwork, drawing, and meditation, to lovingly release what doesn’t serve us, and bring ourselves back into flow with Love. From this place of inner connection and joy, we will create a new map for ourselves moving forwards.
I invite you to join me for this powerfully transformative and energising day!

“I will ensure you leave the workshop

feeling empowered, grounded, confident and inspired!” 

Here’s what you’ll receive from participating:

    • Peace of mind Wu Tao clears the mental clutter from your mind and leaves you with an empty mind and peace.  It’s the easiest way in the world to get to peace.  You just do the dances by following the guidance of your teacher and when you finish, peace is there…. Amazing hey?
    • Inner Connection When your mind stops it’s incessant chatter, peace is the result and then it’s only a little step to deep inner connection with Self or Source.  This is not some airy-fairy-only-spiritual-people-can-do-this kind of practice. Wu Tao is easy, fun and the only thing you need to do is dance and be open to the experience.
    • Joy Releasing emotional constrictions frees up joy. Joy is a natural occurrence once fear, anxiety, sadness, grief and anger are transformed.
    • Clarity  Mind, heart and body are intrinsically connected. When you are free of emotional burdens and mental baggage, your reward is clarity of mind and body.  You intuitively know what to do next and what works best for you in your life.  You make choices that support your highest good. Choices for health, happiness, peace and abundance are made naturally when you are clear.
    • Focus and Direction  We will be spending time during the workshop to help you discern your next movements forward in your life using your inner guidance and creative process.
    • Wu Tao DVD, music and meditation package   To enable you to continue your transformation at home, you will receive a free digital copy of the Wu Tao DVD, book, music and meditations. ($87.00 value)

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Questions and Answers

Q. I haven’t done Wu Tao before, can I join this workshop?  

A. Absolutely YES! This workshop will teach 3 of the 5 core dances from Wu Tao from the beginning.  If you haven’t done Wu Tao before, this workshop will be a wonderful introduction to Wu Tao which we hope will turn into a life long passion for you. 

Q. I have been going to Wu Tao for years, will this workshop be too easy for me?  

A. Not at all! This workshop will give you the opportunity to hone your dance practice and align with your spiritual core. Michelle will be there to offer you personal guidance to support your deepest healing.

Q. I have some physical issues and I’m not sure if I can do all the movements. Will that be a problem?

A. No.  Wu Tao is very gentle and all the dance movements are easily adaptable to suit your needs.  Just make sure you let Michelle know so she can help you with any modification you require.

Q. I am feeling really off track and stressed in my life, will this workshop be any use to me?

A. If you are looking for a way to get back on track and reduce the stress in your life, this workshop can definitely help.  You will learn relaxation techniques that you can do at home, and you will receive a copy of Michelle’s Meditations for the Elements Mp3, to support your relaxation practice.

Q. Where will it be held?
A. There are two venues to choose from:

Sydney  Saturday 19th October 2014
Mustard Seed Uniting Church Hall
Corner of Quarry St and Bulwara Rd Ultimo
1pm – 5pm

Melbourne Saturday 25th October 2014
Linden Arts Centre Studio
26 Acland St St Kilda
1pm – 5pm