Jo Fenwick

Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour NSW

I have not confirmed my classes for 2015 due to to my recent move to the area, but I invite you to phone me to discuss suitable class times for you. I will contact you once I have organised venue and times.

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  • Mobile 0414 959 520
  • Facebook: kibysea yoga

Jo Says

“The knowledge and practise of yoga, Wu Tao and Chi Ball is a combination of building energy in the body. All disciplines are movement, all have elements of yin and yang in them, all work the meridians in the body and all calm the mind.

I am a triathlete, and with this sport, you have to be disciplined to train in three different sports. It is a very yang environment, so having the other disciplines in my life, which are yin, bring me to a place of balance. I am naturally competitive, a compassion for striving to be the best.  However, when I practice Wu Tao I get lost in the movement of release, allowing everything to be as it is, no competition between anyone else, there is just me, I allow my body to soften and move where it needs to move so it brings me to a place of contentment and calmness.  The practice of Wu Tao, allows my heart to open and expand and there is a great sense of release and joy that comes with it.

Then there is the benefits of what Wu Tao does to the mind – to me it is a meditation in movement – once you know the dances – the mind is free to surrender to movement – so you forget your thoughts – your awareness ofthought has subsided for the time you are lost in the dances. This is what I get personally from the dances. This is what the dances have evolved into for me. This is where I want to be with Wu Tao. I am so very grateful for it being in my life and it shall reside in my heart forever.”


2004 – Ki Yoga Training

2005 – Wu Tao Instructor Training

2006 – Chi Ball Teacher Training Level 1

I am also a qualified sports yoga instructor and meditation teacher and have studied Food as Medicine, Nutrition, Swedish and Remedial Massage, Meditation, Buddhism and Reiki.