Wu Tao Wisdom DVD

Wu Tao Wisdom DVD



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Dance yourself to Health with Wu Tao Wisdom!

Wu Tao Wisdom is a wholistic dance program that has been especially developed to give the older person a gentle and energising workout. This DVD shows how to do the 5 key dances for each of the elements of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

Wu Tao Dance stimulates blood and energy flow

  •    Increases muscle tone, strength and flexibility,
  •    improves brain to body connection
  •    reduces stress levels
  •    increases relaxation
  •    improves cognitive ability

Why is dance a good form of exercise? Dance is a complex learning activity and it stimulates cognitive function through learning new movements. Dance is one of the best ways to maintain cognitive function and brain balance. A recent study done in Perth Western Australia has shown Wu Tao can reduce the symptoms of dementia.  Dancing Wu Tao is a form of enjoyable exercise that can easily be incorporated into your life.

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