Good Morning Lovelies!

Fifth day of our cleanse starts here!

Here’s the menu planner for today. Use it as a guide and change it up or swap out recipes as your heart desires! The table below will take you to the recipe page. Today is a Nourishing Qi Day.

Today we are focusing on becoming receptive and grateful for what life offers us. We receive everything coming our way with gratitude. This allows us to easily digest and transform all experiences into nourishment for our bodies and souls.


When you are ready, listen to the following meditation.



Complete your Qi Alignment work today by doing the exercises in the video below.

The Makko Ho stretches are an easy way to get the Qi flowing through the meridians in your body.

Say these statements along with the stretches for extra alignment! Breathe deeply and imagine the energy freeing up throughout your body and mind with each stretch. Make your stretches a little bit deeper and longer today. It’s great for the Wood Qi.

  • Air stretch – Lung and Large Intestine  –  “I give thanks for the gifts of Air”
  • Earth Stretch –  “I give thanks for the gifts of Earth”
  • Fire Stretch –  Heart and Small Intestine  – “I give thanks for the gifts of Fire”
  • Water stretch  – Kidney and Bladder  – “I give thanks for the gifts of Water”
  • Fire Stretch – Heart Constrictor and Triple Heater – “I give thanks for the gifts of Spirit”
  • Wood stretch  – Liver and Gall Bladder  –  “I give thanks for the gifts of Wood”


When you’ve done your Qi Alignment Process for the day, Share your experience on the facebook page.

I’ll see you there! Have a gorgeous day beautiful.

Love Michelle x x