Wu Tao Spring Retreat Melbourne
Friday 7 – Sunday 9th October 2016springretreat

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Is your body feeling stiff and inflexible from sitting around too much over winter?
  • Have you put on a few extra kilos of  ‘warmth’? (you know what I mean!)
  • Could you do with a weekend to reboot your system and have you firing on all cylinders ready for spring?

Admit it.  You would love to SPRING into the next season full of energy, vitality and purpose wouldn’t you?

I can help you do that.

We all need time out to focus on what want and where we are heading. We also need to clean out our system and get back into optimal health so we can do what we want to do. During the winter months its easy to fall into bad habits of not moving our bodies sufficiently and eating the wrong foods.

That’s why spring is the perfect time for a gentle de-tox and rebalance. This weekend retreat will give your body and spirit a well-needed oil and change.  It will get you moving with clarity and focus into the last quarter of the year,  full of energy, vitality and joy!

Join me for 2 nights and 2 days where I shall personally support you to renew your body, focus your mind and get you clear and energised to flow through the rest of the year and beyond! Of course we will be Wu Tao-ing every day as well as using proven transformational tools and beautiful relaxing meditations to achieve our goals of perfect energy, balance and peace.


  • $600 (double share accommodation)


  • Accommodation at Vine and Branches Personal Growth Centre in Lower Plenty (less than 1 hours drive from Melbourne) 
  • Wu Tao Dance Workshops Saturday and Sunday
    Delicious home-made meals especially created to stimulate Qi flow and detox your body, for your entire stay.


Arrive Friday afternoon/evening.

Settle into your new abode and get to know your house mates. Group dinner and introductions.


7 – 8.45am Breakfast

9 – 12.30 pm Wu Tao workshop 1

12.30 – 2pm Long vegetarian lunch

2 – 4pm Wu Tao Workshop 2

4pm –  R & R

6pm – Dinner


7 – 8.45am  Breakfast

9 – 12.30  Wu Tao Workshop 3

12.30 – 2pm  Long Vegetarian Lunch

2 – 4pm Wu Tao Workshop 4

4pm pack up for trip home

Ready to Join Us?


I’ve answered the most common questions below but don’t hesitate to email me at info@wutaodance.com if you have a query….

Q. Where is Lower Plenty and what will I need to bring to attend the retreat?

Lower Plenty is a short one hour’s drive from Melbourne City. You will need to bring your own bedsheets, towel, toiletries, pens and coloured pencils or crayons. Bring comfortable clothes to dance in and cool weather gear.  Everything else is provided. If you are flying in from another state or country, let us know, as we may be able to help with transport from Melbourne.

Q. I haven’t done Wu Tao before, can I join these workshops?  

A. Absolutely YES!  If you haven’t done Wu Tao before, this retreat will be a wonderful introduction to Wu Tao which we hope will turn into a life long passion for you. It will teach you the 5 core dances and introduce the Tao and Surrender dances. It will also give you a supportive space to explore your inner world and discover what you need to restore your health and well-being. You will learn how to maintain peace and balance into your life through processes taught in the retreat.

Q. I’ve been doing Wu Tao for some time. Will this retreat be too basic for me?

A. Absolutely NO.  This retreat will give you the opportunity to refine your dance practice and deepen into the philosophy of Wu Tao while giving yourself some well-earned time-out to refocus and energise.

Q. I have some physical issues and I’m not sure if I can do all the movements. Will that be a problem?

A. No.  Wu Tao is very gentle and all the dance movements are easily adaptable to suit your needs.  Just make sure you let Michelle know so she can help you with any modification you require.

Q. I am feeling really off track and stressed in my life, will this retreat be any use to me?

A. If you are looking for a way to get back on track and reduce the stress in your life, this retreat will definitely help.  If you continue your dance practice at home your stress levels should decrease even more over time.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Testimonials from Previous Retreat Participants

“Thank you Michelle for a soul connecting workshop of music and dance.  It has helped a great deal to connect/integrate with the beginning of my learning with the initial online lessons and DVD. The music touches my body and soul. There is one comment about one track that interacts with my senses. It does not create harmony for me. At times the female vocalist for the fire dance it seems like there is a blockage of her voice a the throat. Apart from this the music is sublime, many thanks! The retreat venue for the retreat was excellent and the food just delicious. I enjoyed the open spaces around the centre. Would organise fly spray for mosquito control next time.  Your gentleness, good explanation of the movements and philosophy created a great learning environment. Your passion and sincere belief in the journey of Wu Tao is an inspiration and the underlying philosophy is aligned with my journey with spirit and energy. I look forward to joining you for future retreats and workshops!”

Maryann Williams New Zealand

I came to the NSW Winter Retreat because I was going through a particularly stressful time with respect to my career. I needed to replenish and restore my energy and my heart had been hurting due to the latest workforce drama, so I really needed to begin a healing process. Michelle is a deeply connected facilitator who guided me through the Wu Tao process into an energetic space of openness and love.  She is gentle, kind, wise and a paster of loosening stuck energy. At the end of the retreat I felt connected, calm and a lot more positive and resonant about the next chapter in my life.  “It’s time to have my life my way!”

Sheonaigh Rennie (Sydney Australia)

Dearest Michelle, thank you for your presence. Such a lovely weekend with wonderful people. Always love having the opportunity to dance with you and meet all the beautiful souls you attract. Thanks for your light and teachings. With love, respect blessings and peace.

Denise Derrig, NSW Australia

Thank you Michele. Wu Tao is so special. It touches me in so many different ways! It has been lovely to re-connect with you and Wu Tao. I have been reminded of many things in your ‘teachings’ and picked up so much more. Lots to take away in my heart and the challenge is to work Wu Tao practice and meditations into my daily life again and not let my energy get so depleted. I get it – it is there!

Sue Dundas Victoria Australia

Dear Michelle, thank you for welcoming me into the Wu Tao family! I really had no idea what I would experience at the retreat, but was more than happy with how it all turned out. I’ve never felt that I could dance. I’m usually so stiff being an ex-sportswoman, but after the wonderful meditation, stretches, relaxing chats with new friends and your kindness, I found that dancing came very naturally to me and I was able to relax into the process well. Thank you for that.  Thank you also for being so patient with me and the loving way you taught the dances. Very refreshing!  Also, thank you for sharing your philosophies and experiences in relation to my small difficulties – it really meant a lot to me.   I loved the dancing, the music (please pass that onto your partner), the people and the massage, but sad to realise there is no Wu Tao class close to where Iive,  I hope we can reconnect somewhere soon. Much love to you!

Cathy Wagner (NSW Australia)

I always come away from Michelle’s Wu Tao retreats feeling renewed, refreshed and in a place of deep peace within myself.  As I dance, I leave behind my external self, my concerns and worries and travel to an opening of love deep within me.  Michelle’s beautiful energy creates a feeling of safety and communion for all who are present.  It becomes a gorgeous circle of sharing and healing. I have been attending Michelle’s retreats for over ten years and dancing Wu Tao for all of them. Dancing Wu Tao is like coming home. It heals my body and soul.

Anni Gemell NSW Australia

I absolutely loved it Michelle! I’m so appreciative that I connected with Wu Tao in the first instance and particularly thrilled that I was able to come to this retreat! Wu Tao for me is a very centering experience.  The dances get rid of all the dross and superficialities that clutter up my daily life.  I feel Wu Tao honours the person I truly am! It’s gentle, forgiving and inspiring all at once.  At the end of a class all things are possible again. I’ve really appreciated it this weekend as I was struggling with my some issues. The fire consumed so much of my anger and fear and I am going home feeling more like the Self I enjoy! Thanks again Michelle.

Narelle NSW Australia

Dear Michelle, So many thanks for the beautiful experiences at the Govinda Valley Retreat last weekend, and your help and support with the ‘not so beautiful experiences’.  I have more than fully recovered now and still gaining the benefits from the weekend and Wu Tao.

Barbara NSW Australia

Coming to the winter retreat has been quite a step out of my comfort zone. It has been such a positive experience and I have enjoyed every aspect of it! I love to dance and listening to Michelle’s explanation of the meaning of the dances helped so much.

Wendy Storey (Perth WA)

Dearest Michelle thank you for organising this wonderful retreat especially to suit my schedule. You are a wonderful teacher and when I got to the retreat I was so excited to be with such a wonderfully inclusive community. I was not disappointed. The retreat provided everything. Good food, good company, movement, silence, meditation, laughter and  relaxation.  I especially loved the way you broke down the dances and refined each section I’ve been doing Wu Tao now for over two years and I continue learning and deepening into new understandings of this multifaceted dance. There’s always more to learn and experience with Wu Tao. thank you Michelle with love

Sofia (Perth WA).

Wu Tao Dance is a little window of sanity in my crazy week at least that’s how it started. Gradually it’s effects have spread into my week, into my life into my body. I love everything about Wu Tao, sepecially how wonderful I feel afterwards ; peaceful centred and restored. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.  Thanks for a wonderful retreat Michelle.

Jill Whitfield (Perth WA)

The Wu Tao retreat was deeply calming, rich and nourishing. What a wonderful weekend of bliss!

Debra McLean (Perth WA)

I arrived at the retreat tired and unmotivated to move my body. What a transformational process!  Trusting the process little by little, I learned to relax my body and mind and let go.  Thank you for sharing your love of Wu Tao and helping me embrace change! I feel joyful and energised and am looking forward to what might evolve in my life from here.

Marie Vote (Perth WA)

Dear Michelle as I said Wu Tao has been life changing and for me. I can safely say that I am a calmer, more patient person than I have ever been. I don’t get rattled by stuff any more and often feel I have nothing to throw in the fire during the fire dance!  I arrived this weekend feeling quite fragile after the trauma of the previous week which came on top of a particularly stressful week at work where my workload has increased to unrealistic proportions. I have needed to take time out, re-evaluate, get back in touch with myself and acknowledge my own gifts talents and needs. This retreat has been perfect for all that and more. I am feeling more connected and open to it’s loving healing energy of spirit.  Your presence in my life is a gift, is treasured, is joyful and wonderful! Thank you so much! much love.

Anne Marie (Perth WA)

Warmth and friendship, healing and love. Good food and deep rest. What more could you want from a retreat?  A spectacular house with very comfy beds, lovely spaces to commune and excellent showers!  Rave Rave Rave! with much love.

Lynda (Perth WA)

I found a piece of silence that is in between my thoughts which I could not have imagined I would find.  In letting go I came to a point of self truth.  thanks Michelle

James Vote (Perth WA)

Dear Michelle, many thanks for a wonderful weekend of Wu Tao. The accommodation was beautiful! five star! It was an absolute pleasure for me to be dancing again after such a hiatus, but much of it managed to come back to me. Thanks for your guidance, encouragement and gracious teaching / instructing style.  I feel I have gained and learned a lot from the past two days and it’s been a great experience. It was also wonderful to spend time with such lovely people many thanks.

Tony (Perth WA)