Wu Tao Winter Dance Retreat 2016

Govinda Valley NSW       Friday 27 – Sun 29 May


Imagine 2 days and nights to immerse yourself in a dance process that restores your vital energy and brings your mind to stillness and peace.  Winter is the time for dreaming and building your energy. Wu Tao Dance is the ideal way to restore your Qi (life-force energy), reflect on your soul’s purpose and bring balance to both your inner and outer worlds.

We often find it difficult to take time out to truly nourish and heal ourselves. Winter gives us the perfect opportunity to do this. The cool days entice us to sit in a warm place and reflect. They also encourage to move our bodies to stay warm! Nourishing food, good sleep, meditation and gentle exercise are all proven ways to improve physical and emotional health.


lovepic1This Wu Tao retreat will give you all that and more. The powerful healing dance process will restore your vital energy gently and beautifully. Working within the Chinese Medicine system, we will explore the 5 elements and our relationship to them at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

  • Where do you need healing?
  • Where are you out of balance?
  • What does my soul and body need?

These are questions we will ask and have answered during the retreat.

I invite you to join me for a weekend of joyful emotional healing, physical restoration and fun! Dance and connect with like-minded people in a supportive, relaxed setting. Enjoy beautiful nutritious food and soak up the peace and vitality of the natural environment that surrounds you.

Workshop will include a workbook/journal to record your healing journey over the weekend and a digital copy of your favourite Wu Tao DVD (your choice).


  • $600 (double accommodation)
  •  $500 (4 bed share room)


  • Accommodation at Govinda Valley Retreat Centre surrounded by beautiful forest woodland
  • Wu Tao Dance Workshops Saturday and Sunday
    Delicious vegetarian meals for your entire stay.

Arrive Friday afternoon/evening.

Settle into your new abode and get to know your house mates. Group dinner and introductions.


7 – 8.45am Breakfast

9 – 12.30 pm Wu Tao workshop 1

12.30 – 2pm Long vegetarian lunch

2 – 4pm Wu Tao Workshop 2

4pm –  R & R

6pm – Dinner


7 – 8.45am  Breakfast

9 – 12.30  Wu Tao Workshop 3

12.30 – 2pm  Long Vegetarian Lunch

2 – 4pm Wu Tao Workshop 4

4pm pack up for trip home

To pay your deposit or make full payment to reserve your place


  • Questions?

I’ve answered the most common questions below but don’t hesitate to email me at info@wutaodance.com if you have a query….

Q. Where is Govinda Valley and what will I need to bring to attend the retreat?

You will need to bring your own towel, toiletries including sunscreen etc, pens and coloured pencils or crayons. Bring comfortable clothes to dance in and cool weather gear.  Everything else is provided. Govinda Valley Retreat is about a one hour drive from Sydney. If you are flying in from another state or country, let us know, as we may be able to help with transport from Sydney.

Q. I haven’t done Wu Tao before, can I join these workshops?  

A. Absolutely YES!  If you haven’t done Wu Tao before, this retreat will be a wonderful introduction to Wu Tao which we hope will turn into a life long passion for you. It will teach you the 5 core dances and introduce the Tao and Surrender dances. It will also give you a supportive space to explore your inner world and discover what you need to restore your health and well-being. You will learn how to maintain peace and balance into your life through processes taught in the retreat.

Q. I have some physical issues and I’m not sure if I can do all the movements. Will that be a problem?

A. No.  Wu Tao is very gentle and all the dance movements are easily adaptable to suit your needs.  Just make sure you let Michelle know so she can help you with any modification you require.

Q. I am feeling really off track and stressed in my life, will this retreat be any use to me?

A. If you are looking for a way to get back on track and reduce the stress in your life, this retreat will definitely help.  If you continue your dance practice at home your stress levels should decrease even more over time.