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"Wu Tao Dance is a powerful dance meditation system that will calm your mind, energise and tone your body and bring you to a place where you can be free of stress and experience the stillness of your own being. We call it Deep Peace."

Wu Tao – the 'tai chi dance'

Welcome to the home page of Wu Tao – the Dancing Way®. Wu Tao is a unique fusion of music, meditation and dance therapy training. It combines the healing power of music, the calming and rejuvenating power of meditation and the strengthening, energising power of dance in a single modality that is now practiced by thousands of people across Australia and around the world. Wu Tao is the best dance therapy course for those with restricted movement or different abilities, as the dances are simple, easy to follow and can be adapted to your individual needs. They are focused more on smooth, flowing movements and bodily control than visually striking movements; though full of grace and energy, Wu Tao dances won't see you leaping around and putting stress on muscles and joints. You can find out more about the dance itself here. We invite you to find your closest instructor or Wu Tao event, and experience the benefits for yourself.

Become a dance therapist

Are you already in love with what Wu Tao has to offer? Are you interested in becoming a dance therapy instructor? Wu Tao – the Dancing Way® now offers limited opportunities to become accredited in Wu Tao dance therapy in Australia and internationally. You can find out more about what's involved here.

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I came to Wu Tao with no preconceptions or expectations and fell into a delightful interplay of light and shadow with my partner, myself, the room and everyone in it. The energy was infectious and totally natural. I felt alive, fresh and recharged…. All the cliches but more than that, full of laughter. My body loved it and I felt nourished, back in balance with myself and the world. I’ve practised all sorts of body disciplines and Wu Tao just shines for it’s joyful rush.
Grant McMillanMining TechnicianWA
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